Color a picture to solve problems…who would have ever thought? Thank you Martha for writing this book 🙂 Its just what I needed at this point in my life! And I highly recommend it to everyone who wants to learn more about the inner-self.




Just amazed how accurate this  book can be, still skeptical (I mean no offense Martha Soria Sears) but boy this is how I feel and must look like in an electro magnetic field kind of way haha.




duncan tooley
Martha, when I got your book, Colors for Life, I did the exercise of picking the drawing that resonated most with me and then feeling the most energetic color to fill in each part of the drawing. When I checked the meaning of the choices I had made, your translations were right on target for every area of my life! It was amazing to me! It was as if you had captured an hour-long, soul-searching interview with me and then summarized it into the colors I chose. I never realized how colors must affect everyone similarly. I believe you must have a mission to get color therapy more widely used because it is such a combination of simple and powerful.

-Duncan Tooley, “Mind Runs Body” Sub-Conscious Mind Trainer and Wellness Coach



Coloring Solves Life’s Problems

Very informative and a neat learning experience about the insight into your own and others lives and stress. If only we would have known years ago that stress relief is as simple as choosing a crayon.

-Shelby Atadgi in an A&E book review on Colors for Life published in the Kansas Washburn University Review May 8, 2012

Managing your stress through color.